Whew, and we’re back!

At LONG LAST, here is the Chapter 4 cover! Based very loosely off the Six of Cups tarot- a card focusing on nostalgia, memories, and the past (for better or worse). Really hoping the phrase “blood is thicker than water” is as common a phrase as I’m assuming, or else this title will be… a little baffling.

So sorry for the unexpected (and unannounced) delay, everyone. Long story short- the move and associated life events got more in my way than I was expecting. That, on top of some health issues which are thankfully much better now, really slowed me down these past few months. Glad to be back, but it is still slightly slow going while I get back into the swing of things.

For the rest of September I will, unfortunately, be back to one-page-per-week updates. This is due to the aforementioned health issues as well as a family event I have to fly to this weekend. Page 1 is nearly finished and will be posted next Wednesday for you all!

Thanks so much for your patience, understanding, and overall general all-around awesome-ness, readers! Very excited to get chapter 4 going- we’ll be getting to know our new friend, meeting a new minor character, AND getting some answers (… but mostly just more questions) this chapter, so stay tuned!