Starting this chapter off with a bang- a very long, implied awkward silence.

To those asking about the lore documents for Chapter 3- an update! One document (a fun bestiary entry) is complete… and I just completely forgot to share it. I’ll post that TOMORROW for you all, sorry about that!

The other lore documents (which will be concerning Piers’s Theoretics major, the other will be an ad for the auto-levitating scrolls we’ve seen a few times) are in development still. They’ll be posted at some point during this chapter- probably after October. I prioritized work on pages for this next chapter to keep the story moving, so the bonus lore for last chapter will pop up at random (possibly on days where I can’t post a page). Thanks for reading everyone! Buckle up- we’ve got a LOT of dialogue this chapter (much to the displeasure of the newest character)!