Last but not least, a full look at the map! No Sarseneth (Sedo’s homeland) or Pacifan Islands (Piers and his teacher’s homeland) yet, but they’re not too important for a while so no worries.

And that’s a wrap for Chapter 1! All caught up on the new site. Thanks for reading, everybody! To everyone who just binge read, nice to have you! Extra special thank you to Spider Forest for patience while I took a hiatus from comic and site production to move cross country.

EXTRA special thanks to @BatichiKristen who helped me make the new site! I had so many dumb questions. Definitely check out  her comic of magic, muses, and mystery goodness, and some seriously lovely colors and unique style on every page! 

Chapter 2 will be up LATER TODAY. From there on out, I update the comic once a week on Wednesdays.

Heads up I’ll be at A-kon next week! Feel free to swing by the Artist Alley and say hi and/or grab some art if you’re around, I’ll be there all 4 days!