EDIT: Ugh sorry folks- wrist still isn’t completely recovered from the weekend (don’t think my cold, cold office is helping either :,D). Tonight’s page is bumped to tomorrow night! On the bright side- got a few days all for comics and art lined up at long last! Using them all to revive my page buffer.

Heads up that there will be no update Monday because I will be participating in the 2019 Global Game Jam! I’ve joined a team of local devs, and we’re going to endeavor to make a functioning game in 48 hours. This will be my second year, so here’s hoping Unity is slightly less daunting this time around.
You can keep up with my progress on that on my twitter and instagram if you would like! I’ll probably upload all my work from that to patreon as well, depending on whether I’m on the art or writing side of things.
Thanks again everyone, and have a great weekend!