In which Sedo learns these things have bones made of balsa wood.

We made it, folks! Pulled a surprise all-nighter for this one due to getting called into work 2 extra days this week. Expect the next page Friday or Saturday. Thanks for your patience!

EDIT: Tweaked this page’s “special effects” a bit. Nothing major. Just a heads up!

ANOTHER EDIT: Hey all. Due to the recent life changes (including a nasty holiday schedule) we’re unfortunately dropping to once-per-week updates through the end of 2018. I don’t make this decision lightly, but this is the only way I think I can avoid both burnout and another hiatus. I’m unfortunately not adapting to the new job, environment, and long distance relationship with my SO as quickly as I thought and need to take it somewhat easier for now. Thanks for hanging in there, folks! See you this Wednesday with a page!