Double Update 2/2: Sedo pulls out one of his favorite tricks again.

So! Now for the news. As mentioned on Wednesday, unfortunately life is forcing me to move across the country rather suddenly. That means my cats, my car, and all of my stuff have to get ready to go and I’ll have to begin a job search, prep endless paperwork, scrub the current house- you know, all that good good moving stuff. ALL in only 2.5 weeks. :,D

It truly pains me to have to hit pause on Sell Spell, especially on short notice, and especially right after the creative energy boost that was SPX (and ESPECIALLY right at the start of an action scene I was super hyped to share). But as I said before: life comes at you fast, and it doesn’t always wait for webcomics.

TL;DR: Sell Spell is going on break until November 12, when we’ll also switch to a Monday/Wednesday update schedule!

Thank you for your patience and readership- you are all awesome for bearing with me during the last few tumultuous months. We’re getting to some pages I’ve been looking forward to sharing for years, so hang in there! Grab a mug of ale (or popcorn, if that’s more your thing) during the intermission and see you all back here November 12! Check back every now and again for occasional guest art, concept art, and maybe even a sneak peek or two at what is to come >:3c