At last, the mystery of the briefcase, solved! Unlike the rest of Rontema’s outfit and belongings, that spellbook in there is old as crap and she has never bothered to repair it.

And now, for some actual NEWS in the news post!

First- I’m finally launching my patreon! I’ll officially launch and link to it with the next page on Friday. Just in time for my birthday, too :3c

Which brings me to my second announcement: I’ll be posting pages on Wednesdays AND Fridays for the rest of February! I’ve been working towards two page updates per week for a while now, and February will be my test-run to make sure my buffer is healthy enough.

And third- Here are a few of my upcoming conventions for 2018! I’ll be at Ithacon, Indiana Comic Con, Flower City Comic Con, AND Anime Midwest this year. I’ll post reminders closer to those dates as well but, if you know you’ll be attending those, feel free to swing by the Artist Alley and say hi!