Last lore doc! This here is a very old page from The Basics of the Losiric System, which is basically the beginner’s guide to magic in Sell Sell. Here we see the seven elements in all their vague glory: Water, Force, Earth, Air, Fire, Wood, and Aether. We’ll learn more about each as we progress in the story, but for now just know that Sedo’s primary element is Fire (with an affinity for light) while Piers has Aether (with an affinity for the vaguely defined “sensory” aspect and, in his case, a very rare subset of that which allows him to read auras… and minds.
In personal news: still in the process of moving in/out, but had a awesome time at Indiana Comic Con (besides the 11+ hours there… and back again!). Thanks to all who swung by and said hi- I was losing my voice near the end, but it was so great getting to meet you all!