A proper map at last! Voran’s got it all figured out.

As a For Minan map of its Continental territories made for Rangers, this map has a few quirks. First- the dark areas supposedly mark regions that are “uninhabitable” due to an unusually high monster population, regular aura storms (more on that later), completely unfarmable wasteland, or some crappy combination of the three. That said, these regions (determined by the Imperial cartographer’s guild) are a handy political tool because they influence military funding (especially for Rangers). In reality, the entirety of the Far West province and the western half of Ashwood is technically unlivable, though more than a few settlers grudgingly call it home.

Next, since a committee from the Imperial Mainland takes care of naming all new territories and towns, city names usually range from bland to hilariously inaccurate. For example- there isn’t an oak tree within a hundred miles of Black Oak, Rye Port doesn’t export OR import Rye in any notable quantity, and the less said about how Morning Wood got its name, the better.

Other than that, I totally forgot to label the name of the green territory in the North! That is Mourdesinan, two allied kingdoms belonging to notoriously xenophobic elves. A third region (which included Iro and most of Ashwood) used to also be included, but it was conquered by For Minans almost a century ago during the bloody “Ashwood Conflicts”.