Part 2/2 of double update! In which Sedo rolls a 1 on his Knowledge: Monsters check. Oops.

Heya Sell Spell readers! As you may have noticed, updates have been a little spontaneous lately. Partially due to my being burned out from SPX, partially due to some recent life news. I apologize that I have to be so vague, but short version: we’ll be going on hiatus until November.

I truly hate to have to do this so suddenly, and so vaguely. Life circumstances are forcing me to move out and back across the country in under 2.5 weeks. I’m not comfortable being more specific, but please know it is nothing bad! It is a temporary, even exciting, change. That said: I’ll keep you all updated on when the hiatus will end in a more precise news post on Friday, along with one more double-page update.

In the meantime- feel free to send in Sell Spell fan art! I’d be happy to share it on social media, as well as some of my own WIP’s, updates, and maybe even some Sell Spell lore during the break.

Thank you all for understanding- life comes at you fast, and it doesn’t always wait for webcomics. You all are the best, and I’ll do better at staying in touch on this site during this break! Cheers!